May 11, 2018

Modern Adrian Pearsall Crescent Chair 745-LB for Craft Associates Inc.



s p e c s 

Moulded plywood
Rubber foam - 4"
Tufted Seat
Solid walnut base

d i m e n s i o n s

W: 31"
L: 52"


748-FS Footstool

s p e c s 

Rubber foam - 3"
Solid wood base 

**Please note, this item is not for sale and is for reference. For availability, please check with dealers.**

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Dead 50's Modern

"Modernism, rebelling against the ornament of the 19th century, limited the vocabulary of the designer. Modernism emphasized straight lines, eliminating the expressive S curve. This made it harder to communicate emotions through design." - Eva Zeisel (BrainyQuote)